TheWater-Gate WA model is ideal for quickly setting up a suction point facilitating the creation of a water reserve.

Water-Gate water reserves

The Water-Gate WA model is ideal for the rapid installation of a suction point facilitating the creation of a water reserve, especially during a fire, and is particularly useful in rural areas where fire hydrants are not available. This water, filtered from all debris and all impurities, can then be used to fight a fire, both in rural and forest areas. Its relatively light weight makes it easier to transport and install, especially in remote and hard-to-reach places.

Built of super-resistant materials, this revolutionary intervention equipment benefits from reliability and unprecedented speed of execution. They are reusable, portable and are perfectly suited for emergency interventions even inside a stream, river or ditch. The water barrier is provided with a flap on the back, which allows it to avoid undermining the soil in the event of water overflowing over the barrier. The front flap allows a good water intake without sucking the rocks (avoiding damage to the pump).

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The advantages of our water barriers


Save time and money for a multi-use system and instant operation.


A barrier that can adapt to all types of terrain, making it possible to intervene in rocky ground and other non-flat surfaces.


A self-sufficient barrier with no compromises, no maintenance costs or additional equipment required.

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