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Recognition & Awards

We are FM Approved certified.
*Our certified products are: WL-3930, WL-3950, WL-5030, WL-5050, WL-6030, WL-6050.

Tested et approved!

We know how important it is to choose the best flood control system for you or the organization you represent. This is why we opted for FM Approved certification, one of the most recognized certifications in our industry.

Our FM Approved certification demonstrates our commitment to design and distribute a very high-quality product. Our certified products are : WL-3930, WL-3950, WL-5030, WL-5050, WL-6030, WL-6050.

The Water-Gate barrier has undergone numerous intensive tests to test the speed of deployment, the resilience, the water resistance and the resistance to waves.

Our certified products are: WL-3930, WL-3950, WL-5030, WL-5050, WL-6030, WL-6050.

One of the most difficult certifications to obtain

  • The rigour and tenacity of the stress tests carried out during the FM certification process make this certification one of the most difficult to obtain.
  • The tests were performed in the experimental pool of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA), in collaboration with the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • These two organizations have joined forces to implement a national testing and certification program used for flood control products.

Water-Gate water barriers are part of the solution

  • From our twenty years of experience in the field of flood protection, toxic spills, temporary cofferdams and fire water reserves, we are more than ever determined to strengthen our leading position and bring even more added value to our products.
  • Note: The use of sticks, floats and sandbags is required to meet the quality standards established during FM Approved certification.

Recognition and Awards

Quebec grand prize for invention 2000

  • 1st prize at the Grand prix Québécois de l’Invention 2000 in the Energy and Environment category

Quebec Environmental Technologies Show 2000

  • Prize for technological innovation of the year

International Exhibition of New Inventions, Techniques and Products in Geneva

  • Prize for civil protection, label awarded by the fire and rescue service of the city of Geneva.
  • Best industrial design award
  • Environment category gold medal with special mention from the jury, made up of 68 people from several countries.

Montreal Design Institute

  • Grand Prize of the Institute of Design, all categories combined
  • Canada Prize from the Montreal Design Institute

Industrial Society of America

  • Gold medal in the Business and Industrial Products category, in the competition called IDEA (Industrial Designer Excellence Awards) and sponsored by IDSA.
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