Several barrier models are available to help municipalities deal with emergencies as well as aquatic or maintenance work.

Emergency situations

Floods affect and disrupt the entire planet, exposing thousands of victims to the risks of contamination, intoxication, electrocution and, of course, intense stress.

The Water-Gate flood barriers (Model WL) have been specially designed to provide unfailing protection to the flooding problems faced by many cities and municipalities located mainly in floodplains. This innovative and unprecedented intervention equipment combines simplicity, robustness and reliability. In addition, it can also be used during a water pipe failure.

Used around the world, Water-Gate flood barriers are the perfect alternative to sandbags because they can replace thousands of sandbags in an instant. In addition, they remain stable, regardless of the length and direction of the flow, or the slope of the terrain. Water-Gate barriers can be put in place while the flood is already underway!


The WA model of the Water-Gate barrier allows the instantaneous installation of water reserves and temporary cofferdams allowing to work under the water level, in particular to perform aquatic works. This model is the result of a simple and effective technology that instantly blocks, deflects or contains water from aquatic areas.

Its relatively light weight makes it easier to transport and install, especially in remote and hard-to-reach places.

Why use a water barrier?

Water-Gate offers different types of barriers that help fight floods, set up temporary water reserves or carry out aquatic works.

Flash flood

The Water-Gate flood barrier is easy to install and requires very little labour to deploy. Ideal for flash floods, sudden water level rises, downpours or any unforeseen event causing the flood. It provides instant protection.

Protection of Doors and Underground Entrances

Water-Gate flood barriers are available in different sizes that allow them to adapt to different situations. It is possible to install them in the desired location: in front of a door, window, garage, elevator door, parking lot, underground entrance, etc.

Temporary Cofferdams

The WA models were designed for the creation of instant cofferdams. Ideal for rapid excavation work—repairing bridges, changing or repairing culverts, burial work in aquatic environments, pipeline crossings, riverbank restoration, pouring cement, dredging, lock maintenance and much more.

Deviation of the Water Trajectory

The water barrier can be used to divert the path of water to a specific area. This characteristic is ideal for carrying out aquatic works without interrupting the circulation of water. It allows the partial drainage of an arm of a river or a section of a watercourse.

Surface Water Deviation

The Water-Gate barrier allows rapid and safe interventions. This temporary solution is ideal during intervention by fire departments to, among other things, control and divert the path of rainwater, water splash from highways, traffic water, surface water (surface water) and others.

Water Pipe Failure

The Water-Gate barrier allows rapid intervention in the event of an emergency, such as a water pipe failure. Its portable and light nature guarantees instant use, which should minimize possible damage. During the maintenance of standpipes, it allows water to be redirected without affecting traffic or surrounding infrastructure.

Fire Water Retention | The WL barrier can also be the ideal tool for retaining wastewater during fires so as not to contaminate the ground.

Water reserves

The water barrier is ideal for the rapid installation of a suction point facilitating the creation of a water reserve, especially during fires. This water, filtered from all debris and all impurities, can then be used to fight a fire or even a forest fire. Given the portable nature of the barrier, it is no longer necessary to stand near a fire hydrant to recharge your batteries in water.

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