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Water-Gate’s rapid deployment crates allow quick and safe interventions over long distances.


With the Water-Gate rapid deployment crates, it is possible to cover several kilometres in just a few minutes. The ideal tool for flash floods or large-scale floods.

The crates are inexpensive and easily accessible. They can be customized as needed.

When a flood occurs, all resources are mobilized to reduce water overflows and limit damage. Time plays a very important role in this kind of situation. Therefore, good management of this parameter will optimize the chances and limit the damage caused to property.

As the barrier is already a rapidly deployable product, the use of crates significantly increases the speed of deployment of the barriers to make it the fastest anti-flooding system in the world.

Available models


Combine efficiency and quickness

This flash flood prevention tool is your best ally when it comes to protecting a residence, a business or even an entire building. It allows rapid intervention in urgent situations and allows you to keep control of the situation.

Ready to use

The barriers are previously attached and stacked inside the crate, which eliminates the time required for unpacking, unrolling and fixing the units.

Easy transport

Equipped with casters facilitating the transport and deployment of the Water-Gate barriers, the crates allow to cover very long distances in record time.

Types of use

You just need to cover the distance to be protected while the barrier is being deployed. The crate can be installed on a forklift, behind a pick-up or on any mobile structure. The deployment is done as the cratemoves forward.

Water-Gate’s rapid deployment crates are the best place to store barriers. They provide permanent protection against ultraviolet radiation, debris as well as any potential damage which would be linked to the transport of the product (tears, scratches, etc.).

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