At MegaSecur, we consider quality an integral part of our actions.

Your security is our priority!

Strict rules were established during the implementation of our factory’s quality control system. Both our suppliers and our various employees are aware of and responsible for maintaining a high-quality standard at each stage of the production chain for our products.

All our products are made from industrial drawings, thus guaranteeing their uniformity. Each barrier is individually and rigorously inspected, all stages of production are recorded in a register and a unique serial number is affixed to it.

Beware of imitations!

Although blatant imitations of our products have emerged under other brands, we firmly believe that none of these competing companies can boast of having neither the same quality standard nor the operational performance that meets the Water-Gate water barrier. We jealously protect our manufacturing secrets, the fruit of many years of experimentation.

Beware of imitations.If in doubt, contact us.

Safety is priceless!

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