To ensure your safety, all of our products are designed and manufactured to quality standards.


We consider quality to be an integral part of our actions. Strict rules were established during the implementation of our factory’s quality control system. All of our suppliers are aware of the need to provide raw materials of constant quality. These are regularly analyzed and their reliability is rigorously tested. We choose quality standards.

Manufacturing and Design

All our products are made from industrial drawings, thus guaranteeing their uniformity. Each barrier, made of polyester canvas coated with ultra-strong PVC and sewn with ultra-resistant thread, is inspected individually and rigorously. All the manufacturing stages are recorded in a register and a unique serial number is affixed to it.

Automated factory

Dozens of employees work every day in our modern production plant, which covers approximately 20,000 square feet, to make the best water barrier in the world using state-of-the-art techniques.

From the Velcro cutting to the electronic cutting of all the parts of the product component, everything is automated. In addition, plant employees have been trained in the use of electronic tablets that are used to control the production process. Digital and robotics: the two essential conditions for ensuring continuous production in this avant-garde factory.

Beware of imitations!

Although blatant imitations of our products have emerged under other brands, we firmly believe that none of these competing companies can boast of having either the same quality standard or the operational performance of the Water-Gate barrier. We jealously protect our manufacturing secrets, the fruit of many years of experimentation.

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